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Severity Categories

Severity categories and response times are as follows:

Severity #1 - Severe business impact (e.g. no files are transferring) Cannot access site.

Severity #2 - High business impact (e.g. many files are not transferring, performance, degradation) Can access site.

Severity #3 - Moderate business impact (e.g. some files are not transferring, performance, degradation) Standard Question.

Severity #4 - Minor or no business impact (Request - Training or Professional Services)


Description of Severity Level

Target Time to Response

Target Time to Resolution

Severity 1 (S1)

Complete Loss of Service



Severity 2 (S2)

Major Loss of Functionality



Severity 3 (S3)

Standard issue



Severity 4 (S4)

Questions, Training, Professional Assistance



SLA Calendars:
hrs = 24/7 Hours
bhs = Thru Business Hours

[1] THRU Management Elevation escalates customer communication responsibility, of an open item's status, through progressive levels of THRU management, for each subsequent reporting cycle as follows:
1st elevation - supervisor of help-desk support
2nd elevation – Customer Success Service Manager (department level manager)
3rd elevation - Director of Engineering (senior management representative)
4th elevation - COO (or another officer of the company)

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