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Thru Service Level Agreement

SLA Statement

Thru’s Service Level Agreement ("SLA") describes certain performance and security components regarding the operation of Thru and its secure hosted file transfer and collaboration service(s).

The SLA is governed by Thru’s Service Agreements and Thru Privacy Policy, the collection of which are designed to protect the privacy, security, and best interests of (“Customer”).

Thru agrees to abide by the terms of the SLA and requires its customers to do likewise. Thru shall use commercial best effort to provide continuous and consistent service concerning the SLA.

Thru reserves the right to add, subtract, or amend the terms of the agreement at any time in the event of significant changes in market conditions, or otherwise initiated by major vendors, which would affect Thru's ability to provide its services. Such changes shall be given to the customer with at least 60 days’ notice.

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