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Thru Global Cloud Infrastructure

Thru leverages Azure regions across North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific for resilient worldwide coverage. Managed services span across multiple availability zones inside each region for resilience against zone-level failures.

Redundancy and uptime measures include:

  • Load-balanced configurations for all customer-facing services

  • Database replication with 7-day restore points

  • 99.999999999% (11 nines) object-level file durability inside regions

  • Intra-region file storage synchronization

Customers select deployment regions per their data sovereignty needs. Specific sites housing Thru are documented in our SULA agreements.

Thru Regional Failover Capabilities

While Thru does not currently maintain active-active redundant infrastructure across regions, our infrastructure-as-code deployment model provides resilience should disasters impact an entire hosting region.

Our environment configurations, VM images, and orchestration scripts externalize system state from underlying providers. This allows rebuilding core aspects of Thru into alternate regions with far greater ease than typical legacy applications.

Cross-region processes would involve:

  • Database backups restoration - Thru utilizes multi-region enabled SQL services

  • Storage accounts migration - Source region accounts activate geo-redundant replication

So despite lacking real-time multi-region redundancy today, Thru infrastructure delivers simpler, more reliable disaster recovery support than conventional regional mirrors. Our software-defined architecture makes whole-environment mobility between regions highly achievable.

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