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Service Availability & Performance

This section and its subsections describes Thru's uptime and performance guarantee.

Thru will use industry best practices and effort to provide customer with 99.9% availability[1]. From time to time, Thru will perform required maintenance during Thru’s weekly maintenance window of Sunday 3:00AM to 5:00AM (Local Time of the Region) with or without notification to Customer.

If an emergency maintenance is required, the Customer will receive two (2) hours advance notice.

Thru Service Level Agreement only applies to unplanned service outages. If an outage occurs, the following exclusions will not be used for the “99.9” percent availability calculations.

SLA Exclusions:

  • Factors outside of Thru’s reasonable control, including network access  or related problems beyond the demarcation point;

  • Resulted from Customer’s actions or inactions;

  • Resulted from Customer’s application, network, or equipment;

  • Resulted from termination or suspension of service;

  • Scheduled or emergency maintenance;

  • Resulted from Force Majeure.

[1] Calculated by the number of hours the THRU service is available to Customer plus the total number of hours, if any, the service is scheduled to be unavailable, divided by the total number of hours in that month:

Equation, total hours available plus scheduled maintenance in Month divided by the total hours in month then times 100

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